Larry Moore
Ryan Craig

Ryan Craig (Winner)

This is my sixth time submitting to the Follow the Light Foundation grant; I was chosen as a finalist in 2008 and 2012. I achieved one of my long-term goals this past year (2013) – briefly working for Transworld Surf Magazine as a staff photographer. Although this position was extremely…

Woody Gooch

Woody Gooch

At a young age, Woody demonstrates a creative, innovative and downright fresh style of photography. From the way he captures an early morning surf session, to his thought-provoking portraits…Woody displays a talent beyond his years. Yet, perhaps his most obvious and endearing quality is his endless enthusiasm. He is able to find something special in the places that others ignore. And the best part? He is only just getting started.

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Rambo Estrada

Rambo Estrada

Thanks for looking over my submission for the Follow The Light Foundation 2014 grant. I live in a beautiful town on the East Coast of the North Island in New Zealand called Mt Maunganui. We have a world class beach break here, but unfortunately it’s flat 95% of the time.…

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Dane Grady

Dane Grady

Born in Hawaii in 1988, I was fortunate enough to have been raised in a place of unimaginable beauty. I grew up immersed in a surf culture dream life. Everyday of my childhood was filled with an outdoor adventure of some sort. I molded my character by surfing, fishing, hiking, swimming…

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Seth de Roulet

Seth de Roulet

Seth de Roulet is a photographer born and raised in New York now living in Summerland, California. He is a world traveller, surf, skate and snowboard junkie, who will do anything to score the perfect day. He enjoys hunting for good waves, driving around the Central California coast, hanging with his family, and watching the Jets lose on Sundays. When he's not shooting you can usually find him editing photos and making up nicknames, like Smooshie T. Wobbleson, for his son.

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