Larry Moore

Devoted, Passionate, Intense, Perfectionist.

Most people in Surf Culture knew that these characteristics described Larry and his photography well. What his family and his friends know is that this describes Larry in all aspects of his life. He was first and formost a devoted Christian man who was passionate about his faith and so greatful for the many ways that God had blessed his life. As a husband and father he was no less devoted and loving.

Family was always first and a day never passed when he did not overtly appreciate us and tell us how much he loved us. When it came to Colin and his interests, particularly hockey, Larry’s passion and intensity was bigger than life and evident to all. When Larry was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, he took that battle on with a fearless intensity. After each of seven craniotomies in 2 1/2 years he was determined to break the record for the least amount of post- op time spent in the hospital. He did break that record, in one day and out in two. Armed with faith and passion for life, he lived every day to the fullest as I am sure he is doing now in eternity.

His loving wife Candy

Larry Moore

Larry "Flame" Moore

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