Larry Moore
Duncan Macfarlane

Duncan Macfarlane (Winner)

I’m a 21 year old from Sawtell on the east coast of Australia and have recently relocated to the Gold Coast. I lived briefly in Sydney when I was young before moving to Tanzania in East Africa for four years doing primary school. After living there I relocated to Sawtell in NSW where I’ve lived ever since. During high school I doodled with some smaller point and shoot cameras and then a Nikonos V, which I flooded because I knew nothing of seals and water photography. That prompted me to get a DSLR and from there I have been shooting for the last few years learning as I go.

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Matt Kurvin

Matt Kurvin

Matt Kurvin lives and surfs in Santa Cruz, California but was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. His unique view of the ocean and its surroundings can be attributed to growing up on the Gulf Coast.

“I spent a lot of time on the beach and in the water watching 6 inch waves peel, wishing I was small enough to ride them. I was never able to describe to people the way I saw things, especially in the ocean. It wasn’t until photography entered my world that I was finally able to do so.”

It’s Matt’s passion for the surf and for life which inspire him to capture moments he can share with others in rich, living colors and textures. Whether he’s photographing in his local beach town of Santa Cruz, California or traveling to spots far or near, his appreciation for the beauty in the world emanates through his work.

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Quincy Dein

Quincy Dein

Growing up on Maui has gifted me with a deep appreciation for adventure and the outdoors but If I had to choose between land and ocean, I would always choose the sea. I find that when I am behind the lens, I enjoy shooting the many aspects of ocean use…surfing, diving, kiteboarding…I like it all. When not in the water I like to spend time hiking, and traveling.

I have always had a strong passion for activism and protecting the environment. At USC, I studied Environmental Science with a concentration in Business. I hope to combine my passions for photography, the outdoors, and protecting the natural environment in projects that bring the three together, to inspire activism and awareness.

As a photographer, I feel successful when the person viewing one of my images takes a moment to rethink what is possible. I want to inspire people to go outside, to enjoy life, and to explore.

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Ricky Lesser

Ricky Lesser

Growing up in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Ricky Lesser grew up with the wind at his back, the horizon at his doorstep and a sea full of lessons just footsteps away. An avid waterman since a young age, Lessers’ obsession with the ocean and its hidden mysteries would eventually take him from Los Angeles to Hawaii and beyond, eventually dropping him at Brooks Institute in Ventura. There, Lesser would hone his craft as a photographer and a storyteller – utilizing his lens and a sharp eye to capture life’s fleeting moments, truths and whispers. Since graduating in 2008, he has traveled the world, photographing some its most unique locations and people. Lessers’ unique ability to craft story through imagery is second only to his unbridled optimism and enthusiasm for life. He currently resides in Manhattan Beach, surrounded by his greatest muses – his wife Bekah, son Noah and the enduring, domineering Pacific.

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Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

The feelings that I get through my photography are what fuel my passion. The most joy that I experience happens when I’m swimming in the ocean with my camera because I simply feel free and in love with what I’m doing and when I’m doing it.

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